The application of silver carp enzymatic-hydrolysates (Protamex hydrolysates, PH and Alcalase hydrolysates, AH) in frozen surimi was studied, with an untreated mince (CTRL) and the effects of sucrose–sorbitol on the frozen surimi as the comparison. Amino acid composition and amino acid nitrogen analysis showed that PH had higher contents of Asp, Lys and free amino acids (P<0.05). Relative molecular weight distribution results indicated that PH had more fractions of high molecular weights. Textural analysis of frozen surimi demonstrated that after 4 weeks frozen, gel strength and hardness of 2% PH and sucrose-sorbitol added group increased. Elasticity of all the samples was slightly lower. And under the frozen condition, all samples’ color was less affected. Scanning electron microscope (SEM) results displayed that protein aggregation of 2% PH and sucrose-sorbitol added groups were less, and the microstructures were less porous and more homogeneous. The surfaces of CTRL and 8% AH added groups showed obvious holes. This study indicates that PH can help to maintain quality of frozen surimi, and provides preliminary evidence for development of a possible new generation cryoprotectans using silver carp hydrolysates.

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