Aiming at problems such as heavy environmental pollution, great losses in heart as well as inconvenient cleaning and carrying during the roasting process of current roasters, this thesis designs a kind of new portable roaster taking outdoor flat gas tank as heat source and combining with infrared flame burner and rotary roasting roaster. In the meanwhile, by using ANSYS software, the thesis builds a model to analyze the temperature distribution of the roaster and the meat. The simulated analysis shows that the overall temperature distribution of the roaster is reasonable and the heat preservation effect is good. At last, through orthogonal experiment and optimize the barbecue furnace performance, the thesis tests the performance of the roaster and use SPSS software to analyze. The orthogonal experiment analysis result indicates that the fire type of the roaster is that “the furnace surface is slight red with blue flocculent flame.” When the rotary speed is 3 r/min and the roasting time is 7 min, the roasted meat is better.

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