The thermal insulation panels of refrigerated container using embedded vacuum insulation panels are high performance thermal insulations with low heat conductivity and promising energy savings. Considering the effect of coverage percentage of vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) on inner temperature distribution of refrigerated container, a model based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) was used to numerically simulate the inner temperature distribution of a test refrigerated container. The effect of coverage percentage of VIPs on the insulation performance and temperature distribution uniformity was analyzed numerically and experimentally. The results illustrated that the insulation panels using VIPs can improve the insulation performance of refrigerated container and modify the inner uniformity of temperature distribution temperature. With the same refrigerating output, the maximum difference of inner temperature was reduced 40% as the coverage percentage of VIPs increased from 0 to 87%, and the average inner temperature drop of refrigerated container can be reduced 43%. When the coverage rate is greater than 66%, the internal temperature field tends to be stable.

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