The removing impurities of fresh oyster was hydrolyzed by alkaline protease and neutral proteinase, and the optimal enzymatic hydrolysis conditions were found by investigating the effect of different color agent, the ratio of enzyme, the temperature of enzymatic hydrolysis, the time of enzymatic hydrolysis and the amount of enzyme on the sensory quality of the hydrolysate. The oyster enzymatic solution was buried through the use of different formulations of casein, maltodextrin, konjac powder as wall material, and then embedding oyster concentrate solution was spray-dried. Then, the spray-drying oyster powder was tested on moisture absorption rate, bulk density, angle of repose, moisture content, oxidation stability and sensory quality, in order to evaluate the quality. The results showed that the optimal enzymatic hydrolysis conditions of oyster were as followed: addition of protective agent 0.1%, mass ratio of alkaline protease to neutral protease 1∶1, addition of complex enzyme 1%, enzymatic hydrolysis temperature 50 ℃, enzyme solution time 30 min. The optimum formulation of spray drying was: mass ratio of casein to maltodextrin to konjac powder 50∶50∶0.5, and the mass ratio of spray dried wall material to the one times enzymatic hydrolysate concentration was 50∶50.

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