The effects of microwave sterilization process on the quality of radish pickle were studied. Three factors of microwave power, sterilization time and sterilization temperature were chosen for the orthogonal test via single factor experiment. The optimum processing conditions confirmed by the orthogonal test was microwave power at 750 W, sterilization for 8min, setting temperature of instrument at 60 ℃. The results showed that the different conditions, i.e. sterilization temperature, microwave power and sterilization time, influenced the quality of radish pickle decreasing systematically. Moreover, sterilization temperature and microwave power influenced in the quality of radish pickle significantly (P<0.05). Vc content, nitrite content, bacteria lethal rate, yeast lethal rate, sensory score and composite score of samples obtained by optimal technological condition were 25.86 mg/100 g, 5.08 mg/kg, 2.99, 3.11, 9.2 and 8.01, respectively. Therefore, the application of microwave sterilization on radish pickle can not only reduce the amount of bacteria and yeast, but also maintain high nutritional value and sensory quality.

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