Objective:This experiment is to judge the comprehensive quality of Hunan bacon.Methods:The contents of 8 biogenic amines in Hunan bacon were determined by HPLC-UV. The contents of moisture content, peroxide value and nitrite were measured.Results:The facts showed the total amount of biogenic amines was 127.22~166.24 mg/kg, which were mainly composed of cadaverine, putrescine, spermine and tyramine. The content of histamine was 0.43~10.24 mg/kg while the content of tyramine was 2.11~57.60 mg/kg. As for the physical and chemical indicators, the moisture content in the sample ranged from 13%~23%, the detection range of peroxide value was 0.014 2~0.035 0 g/100 g, with the nitrite content ranging from 2.15 to 7.50 mg/kg.Conclusion:The content of biogenic amines in Hunan bacon products is lower than the European Union and US FDA standard. All physical and chemical indexes meet the national standard.

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