bjective:The adhesive layer of food processing and conveying pipeline winding and tropical surface adhesive was obtained. Methods:The silicone rubber constitutive model was obtained through rheological test, and POLYFLOW was used to simulate the silicone rubber extrusion flow process. Aiming at the gluing uniformity in the length and width direction of the heating belt, the extrusion test electromechanical system was developed to analyze the flow velocity and volume flow distribution characteristics under different channel outlet shrinkage section length and outlet thickness. The channel outlet structural parameters were optimized, The uniformity of adhesive layer was verified by gluing test, and the outlet structure of runner was iterated. Results:Silicone rubber has the characteristics of shear thinning. Within the set parameters of the extrusion runner structure: the length of the shrinkage section of 5 mm, the mouth thickness of 0.8 mm, and the center of the runner outlet of 3.5 mm away from both sides. The runner structure with linear expansion was the best structural parameter for the uniformity of glue application. Conclusion:Silicone rubber is a pseudoplastic non-Newtonian fluid. The coating uniformity can be improved by linearly expanding the edge thickness at both ends of the runner outlet. The distance between the outlet and the heating belt and the matching of silicone rubber flow rate and winding speed are another key factor affecting the uniformity of gluing.

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