Objective:In order to explore the effect of heat pump drying temperature on the drying characteristics and quality of persimmon slices;Methods:Taking persimmon as the raw material, the effects of different drying temperatures were compared, on the drying time, drying rate, color, hardness, rehydration rate, tannin content, total sugar, vitamin C and total acid content of dried persimmon slices.Results:when the heat pump drying temperature was 65 ℃, the drying rate was higher and the drying time was shorter. The dried persimmon slices dried at 65 ℃ had bright color, similar to fresh fruit color, good rehydration performance, the lowest hardness, the best taste, the highest content of total acid and vitamin C, and moderate content of total sugar and other nutrients.Conclusion:The drying temperature of 65 ℃ is better than other drying temperatures when using heat pump to dry persimmon slices.

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