Objective:optimizing the extraction process of methylated catechin from Zijuan tea.Methods:Using acid ethanol as extraction solvent, based on three single factor experiments, the extraction time, extraction temperature and liquid-solid ratio were used to investigate the interaction of the above three factors on the extraction rate of methylated catechin from Zijuan tea.Results:The optimum extraction conditions were as follows: extraction time 100 min, extraction temperature 75 ℃, solid-liquid ratio(m Zijuan tea∶VSolvent)1∶74(g/mL); under these conditions, the mass concentration of methylated catechin in the extract could reach 26.7 mg/g, and the relative error with the verification value was 1.48%.Conclusion:HPLC and response surface methods were used to optimize the extraction process of methylated catechins in Zijuan tea. The process is simple and the verification results are reasonable.

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