Objective:This study aimed to analyze the impact of the addition of GMS and the cooling temperature on crystallization behavior of the beef tallow during the production process of beef tallow-hot pot seasoning.Methods: Exploring by measuring the hardness, solid fat content (SFC), color, and isothermal crystallization kinetic parameters of the beef tallow in the beef tallow-hot pot seasoning.Results: When the GMS addition exceeded 1.5%, the hardness of the beef tallow increased related to the amount of GMS, without significant impact on the SFC. Meanwhile, as he cooling temperature decreases, the hardness and SFC of the beef tallow showed an increasing trend. The difference was significant at the temperature range of 0~-15 ℃, and insignificantat-15~-25 ℃; In addition, the fitting results of the isothermal crystallization curve and Avrami equation reveal the significant effects of GMS addition and cooling temperature on the crystallinity property of beef tallow.Conclusion: The optimization of GMS addition and cooling temperature can achieve the adjustment of hardness, color, and cooling time of beef tallow-hot pot seasoning to improve the competitiveness and energy consumption.

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