Objective:To determine the quality changes of the quality of pork ribs in simultaneous combination of steam and microwave cooking.Methods:The physicochemical quality, texture, fatty acids, amino acids, total thiol group, total carbonyl and vitro protein digestibility of pork ribs treated with simultaneous combination of steam and microwave were investigated.Results:The simultaneous combination of steam and microwave could significantly reduce the cooking time compared with the single steaming. And the combined cooking of microwave with 500 W and steam with 1 300 W for 13 min (MS-13) could reduce 48% of the cooking time. Compared with other groups, the pork ribs of MS-13 group had the highest moisture content, protein content and sulfhydryl content, which were higher than those of the individual steamed group for 5.91%,5.85%and 101.60%, respectively, which were higher than the microwave group for 14.55%, 4.90% and 19.78%, respectively. The pork ribs of MS-13 group had the lowest fat content and carbonyl content, which were 91.87% and 45.02% of the individual steamed group, and 95.48% and 67.18% of the individual microwave group. Compared with fresh pork ribs, the relative contents of unsaturated fatty acids of MS-13 group increased significantly.Conclusion:It can be seen that the pork ribs cooked by microwave with 500 W and steam with 1 300 W for 13 min had better sensory and nutritional quality.

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