Objective:This study aimed to obtain the best fermentation time of Yunnan traditional Xinping pickles. Methods:Sensory evaluation and texture measurement of Xinping pickles under different fermentation times were carried out, and the pH value and nitrite content were determined according to the national standard method. Results:As the fermentation progressed, the sensory aspect of Xinping pickles gradually increased in color and texture, and stabilized after 6 days. The aroma and taste scores increased firstly, and then began to decline after 7 days. In terms of texture, the chewiness of the shank started to stabilize from Day 7. The pH value was 4.67 when it reached maturity after 7 days of fermentation, and then dropped and stabilized at around 4.3. The nitrite peak appeared at 20 hr of fermentation, and the nitrite content dropped to 1~3 mg/kg after 2 days. Conclusion:Considering the sensory, texture, pH and nitrite content changes, Xinping pickles that are fermented for about 7 days have the best quality.

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