Objective:In order to explore the effect of arrowhead starch on the quality of fresh noodles, arrowhead starch in different proportions were added into wheat core powder to make fresh noodles. Methods:The cooking characteristics, color, sensory evaluation, texture characteristics and GC-MS of fresh noodles were measured. Results:Increasing the amount of arrowhead starch can not only increase the water absorption rate, broken rate and cooking loss rate of noodles as a whole, but also increase the flavor, hardness and elasticity of noodles, and reduced the chewiness, stickiness and taste quality of noodles as well as. When the addition of arrowhead starch was 5%, the sensory score of arrowhead fresh noodles was optimal. The optimized cooking time of the fresh noodles was 4.5 min, which had a 0% noodle breakage rate, 5.28% cooking loss rate and 70.09% water absorption rate. The color difference △E* was 2.31. GC-MS showed that the fresh arrowhead starch noodles were rich in hydrocarbons and alcohols. Conclusion:Adding a proper amount of arrowhead starch could improve the quality of fresh noodle.

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