Objective:The paper aims to design a 3D icing sugar printer that meets the requirements of safety, hygiene, convenient operation, and stable structural performance. Methods:The 3D icing sugar printer includes the mechanical mechanism and control system. The mechanical structure adopts a gantry structure and reforms the food can. The control system adopts "Industrial PC + Motion control card" mode. Results:Fast food can replacement (< 30 s); fast printing speed (≥5 000 mm/min), adjustable speed; printing accuracy (<1 mm); good strength, expansion rate and surface roughness of the printed objects. The image recognition and processing system with the self-light source can identify the shape, number and integrity of the printing objects. Conclusion:The reformed food can improves the hygiene, production efficiency of semi-fluid food printing and is replaced quickly. The 3D icing sugar printer has stable structural performance and convenient operation, and can print icing sugar products that meet different design requirements.

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