Objective:This study focused on exploring thein vitrolipid-lowering efficacy of Puerarin lobata extract.Methods: The adsorption ratios of oil, cholesterol, sodium glycocholate and sodium taurocholate were evaluated by a multi index comprehensive scoring method to optimize the P. lobata alcohol extraction process using Box-Behnken response surface methodology with extraction time, extraction times and ethanol concentration as influencing factors.In vitro lipid-lowering activity was further validated by comparing the levels of TG and TC accumulation and the extent of intracellular lipid droplet accumulation in a model of human hepatoma (HepG2) fatty liver cells induced by palmitic acid (PA).Results: The optimal alcohol extraction process of P. lobata was 70% by volume of ethanol, 1 h of extraction time and 3 times of extraction time;P. lobata extract could obviously reduce the contents of TG and TC in cells and effectively reduce the intracellular lipid droplet aggregation.Conclusion: The optimized P. lobata extraction process was stable and reliable, manipulable, and showed good lipid-lowering activity in vitro.

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