Objective:This study aimed to explore the effects of different concentrations of dissolved oxygen and free SO2 on the color and related parameters of Cabernet Sauvignon dry red wine during aging, and to provide basic data for enterprises to improve the aging process of Cabernet Sauvignon dry red wine.Methods:Cabernet Sauvignon dry red wine from Xinpuwang Wineyard in Shanshan County, Turpan, Xinjiang was used as the brewing material. The effects of different concentrations of free SO2 and dissolved oxygen on wine color, hue and anthocyanin content were observed during wine aging.Results:The wine was bright red when the concentration of dissolved oxygen and free SO2 was low. When the content of oxygen was 2 mg/(L·30 d), the moderate polymerization of anthocyanin and tannin in wine was promoted, and the quality of the wine was improved. When the concentration of free SO2 was 15 ~ 30 mg/L, it had little effect on the hue value of grape wine, but it had an obvious effect on the color. When the concentration of free SO2 was more than 30 mg/L, the color of grape wine gradually became orange.Conclusion:The suitable concentration of free SO2 for Cabernet Sauvignon dry red wine aging was 25 mg/L, and the oxygen content was 2 mg/(L·30 d).

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