Objective: This study aimed to research and develop puffed blueberry dregs indica rice and fruit snack food. Methods: Using indica rice flour and blueberry residue powder as raw materials, three experimental factors including moisture content, extrusion temperature and screw speed were selected, and the expansion degree, anthocyanin content and sensory score were taken as comprehensive indexes. The expansion process was optimized by single factor and orthogonal test, and the antioxidant activity of the expanded products was studied. Results: The optimum process parameters were as follows: the moisture content of the material was 16%, the temperature of the four extrusion zones were 50—80—110—130 ℃ and the screw speed was 160 r/min.The indica rice fruit with blueberry residue obtained under this process has the highest comprehensive score of 62.30±0.51. The results of antioxidant test in vitro showed that compared with puffed indica rice fruit, the scavenging rates of DPPH and ABTS by blueberry residue indica rice fruit increased by 60.19% and 73.67% respectively. Conclusion: the optimal processing parameters of indica rice fruit with blueberry residue were obtained, and the product also showed good antioxidant properties.

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