Objective:To improve the poor quality of glutinous rice balls during the freezing process. Methods:The appropriate addition amount of sweet potato starch and wheat starch was obtained through single factor experiment, and then the D-optimal mixture experiment was designed by using sweet potato starch, wheat starch and glutinous rice flour as raw materials to improve the sensory quality and texture characteristics of glutinous rice balls. On the basis of the mixture formula, the effect of deep-sea fish antifreeze protein addition on the frost resistance of glutinous rice balls was explored, and the optimal addition amount was obtained. Results:The optimal mixture formula was 12% sweet potato starch, 11% wheat starch and 77% glutinous rice flour; The suitable addition amount of deep-sea fish antifreeze protein was 5% (calculated by powder weight). Conclusion:The frost resistance of glutinous rice balls made from the mixture formula and antifreeze protein (5%) was obviously optimized, and the overall quality was improved.

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