Objective: In order to develop a sugar-free, antioxidant and low-cost bread. Methods: Guava leaf extract and neohesperidin dihydrochalcone were added as functional ingredients to the bread. The specific volume, texture, water retention and free radical scavenging capacity of bread were tested to analyze its quality and antioxidant capacity. Results: There was no obvious linear relationship between the additive amount of the guava leaf extract and the comprehensive quality of the bread, but the additive amount of guava extract was positively correlated with the total phenolic content, DPPH+ and hydroxyl radical scavenging of bread. When the additive amount of the guava leaf extract was 7.5%, the comprehensive quality of the produced bread was the best. The sensory evaluation reached 78.6 points and the total phenolic content, DPPH+ and hydroxyl radical scavenging rate of the bread were increased to 85%, 70.3% and 141.7%, respectively. The bread had a strong antioxidant capacity. Conclusion: The quality and the sensory score of sugar-free bread treated with Guava leaf extract were increased and the antioxidant capacity has been greatly improved.

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