Objective:This study was to explore the improvement of structural and emulsifying properties of rice protein by interacted with the dark blue pigment of Vaccinium bracteatum Thunb leaves. Methods:The dark blue pigment was prepared from VBTL, and the changes of structural and emulsifying properties of rice protein before and after dyeing were analyzed. Results:The formation of binary complexes between the dark blue pigment and the rice protein decreased the color values of L* and b*, and the hue of the pigment-protein complex changed to dark blue color with the increase of the pigment concentration. The water solubility of the pigment-protein complex increased, and the oil-holding capacity decreased significantly. The analysis circular dichroism spectroscopy showed the changes in the secondary structure of pigment-protein complex with a decreasing in the relative content of α-helices and β-folds and an increasing in the relative content of β-turns and random coil. At the concentration of pigment below 1.5%, foam stability increased, while foaming capacity, emulsifying capacity and emulsion stability decreased. When the concentration of pigment was higher than 1.5%, foam stability decreased, while foaming capacity, emulsifying capacity and emulsion stability increased. Conclusion:The dark blue pigment can improve the emulsifying properties of rice protein by changing its secondary structure.

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