Objective: When inspecting the appearance and quality of Litopenaeus Vannamei, the system can realize the automatic elimination of defective shrimps efficiently. Methods: Constructed an automatic shrimp elimination equipment and quality inspection. Structured an algorithm to extract shrimps’ morphological feature, complete the clarification of normal and defective shrimps. Realizing defective shrimps’ elimination by blowing them from the side to middle. Through the analysis of internal stress of shrimp, we calculated the correlation between blowing volume and moving distance. Moreover, the relationships among gass output volume, shrimps’ moving distance and speed had been optimized. Results: With the increasing of experimental batches, the recognition rate increases gradually. When the experiment was carried out at the fourth time, the elimination rate can reach more than 95%. Conclusion: After the multi-channel device’s parameters have been optimized, the system can achieve rapid elimination of defective shrimp online.

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