Objective: This study focuses on in-depth research and development of the utilization of Coreopsis tinctoria resources. Methods: The Coreopsis samples from Hetian, Urumqi, Aba, Luding and Xining were hydrolyzed with hydrochloric acid, and the contents of 17 kinds of amino acids were determined by automatic amino acid analyzer. On this basis, the characteristics of amino acid flavor were analyzed and compared with the amino acid pattern spectrum issued by FAO/WHO. RAA, RC and SRC were calculated, and correlation analysis and cluster analysis were performed on 17 kinds of amino acids of chrysanthemum. Thereafter, the nutritional value of Coreopsis protein was comprehensively evaluated. Results: 17 kinds of amino acids were detected in all the 5 species from different habitats. The taste characteristics of Luding and Aba Coreopsis was mainly bitter, while the other three kinds of Coreopsis showed umami, bitter and sweet taste from the highest to the lowest. Compared with the amino acid pattern profile, the Met+Cys in Coreopsis from the five producing areas were lower than the pattern spectrum standard, and the proportions of other essential amino acids in the total amino acids in Luding, Hetian and Urumqi were close to and higher than the pattern spectrum standard. According to the RC value, Met and Cys were identified as as the first limiting amino acids of Coreopsis. The SRC value ranged from 75 to 80, the ratio of essential amino acids to total amino acids (E/T value) ranged from 31% to 36%, and the ratio of essential amino acids to non-essential amino acids (E/N value) ranged from 46% to 55%. The E/N values of Coreopsis in all five regions are slightly lower than the FAO/WHO ideal protein standard. Conclusion: Coreopsis is rich in amino acids and has high nutritional value with certain medicinal value. It has good taste and can be used as a beneficial product resource for human body.

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