Objective:This study aimed to improve the hot air utilization efficiency of the existing vermicelli drying room.Methods: Using the k—ɛturbulence model as the theoretical model for the simulation analysis of the drying room, the core component of the automated production line, the Fluent software is used to simulate the drying room, and the movement characteristics and flow velocity distribution of the air in the drying room were obtained.Results:The structure of the drying room was optimized and drainage pipes were added. The initial plan was 120.83% faster than the original drying box in the direction perpendicular to the vermicelli drying plate. The cross-sectional shape and size of the drainage pipe were further optimized. The average speed at the outlet position of the drainage pipe with cross-section of 200 mm×200 mm was increased by 19.2% compared with the first optimized scheme, and the coefficient of wind speed unevenness has decreased by 8.89%.Conclusion:After optimization, the hot air utilization efficiency of the drying room, and the wind speed uniformity performance at each outlet are improved.

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