Objective:This study aimed to meet the systematic demands of tea consumers and manufacturers for packaging design.Methods:Based on the research method of online comments, the Houyi collector is used to capture the evaluation data of tea packaging online shopping on the Jingdong platform, and 5 560 comments totaling 280 876 words are obtained. The comment text was pre-processed, and then the semantic analysis was constructed, including Chinese word segmentation and key extraction, including vocabulary, construction of core semantics and other steps. Based on grounded theory, text coding, open coding, main axis coding, selective coding were performed on the effective review text, so as to construct the theoretical model of tea packaging optimization design and carry out the theory saturation test.Results:Packaging characteristics, capacity, packaging material and quality are important factors in the process of tea packaging design.Conclusion:The core category elements of the theoretical model can be applied to the packaging design of white tea and wulong tea, which effectively meets the systemic needs of consumers and manufacturers, and has good application value.

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