Objective:To find a new and effective fresh storage method for truffles.Methods:Set 80% O2+20% CO2 (AMAP1), 60% O2+40% CO2 (AMAP2), 40% O2+60% CO2 (AMAP3), 10% O2+90% CO2 (AMAP4) 4 air-conditioned groups and a control group of natural air without encapsulation (CK), stored at 4 ℃, regularly check the nutritional quality and physio-chemical indicators of truffles during storage, the microstructure of truffle fruit bodies was observed at 0, 14, 28 d.Results:The CK group spoiled rapidly within 7 days after harvest, and the quality dropped sharply. The truffles treated with AMAP4 had high weight loss and increased degradation of vitamin C. The appropriate initial gas ratio could not only delay the respiratory peak, but also maintain soluble solids and vitamin C content and inhibit softening, reduce weight loss and delay the effect of spoilage on quality, and also reduce the damage of malondialdehyde, polyphenol oxidase and cellulase to truffle fruiting bodies, thereby maintaining the relative integrity of the microstructure and ensuring the normal physiological functions of truffles.Conclusion:The truffles treated with AMAP3 have the best fresh-keeping performance.

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