Objective:The objective of this study is to investigate the protein changes mechanism of buffalo meat during low temperature storage.Methods:Buffalo meat samples were stored at 4, -18 and -60 ℃, respectively, and the contents of total protein, surface hydrophobicity, total sulfhydryl, free sulfhydryl and carbonyl values were determined, following the analysis of the correlation among those protein indicators. Results:The results showed that the contents of total protein, total sulfhydryl and free sulfhydryl of buffalo meat decreased, with the extension of storage time, while the surface hydrophobicity and carbonyl value of buffalo meat increased. The protein oxidation increased showing linear relationship to the storage temperature. During cold or frozen storage, the total protein content was extremely significantly positively correlated with the contents of total sulfhydryl and free sulfhydryl (P<0.01), while negatively correlated with surface hydrophobicity and carbonyl value (P<0.01). The surface hydrophobicity was extremely significantly positively correlated with carbonyl value (P<0.01), while negatively correlated with the contents of total protein, total sulfhydryl and free sulfhydryl (P<0.01).Conclusion: The degree of protein oxidation of buffalo meat stored at -60 ℃ was the lowest, with the quality characteristics of buffalo meat maintained better, and its fresh-keeping effect was better than that of buffalo meat stored at 4 ℃ and -18 ℃.

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