Objective:This study aimed to compare the differences of volatile components in flower buds of Zingiber mioga after drying and freezing.Methods:Volatile components in flower buds of Z. mioga was determined by headspace solid phase microextraction Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometer(HS-SPME-GC-MS) after drying and freezing, and the relative content was calculated by peak area normalization method.Results:Drying and freezing treatment had a significant effect on the volatile components of Z. mioga flower bud. A total of 152 volatile components were identified in fresh, frozen and dried Z. mioga flower bud, containing a variety of volatile pharmacodynamic components, mainly olefins, including β-phellandrene, α-Hmulene and levorotatory-β-pinene, and their relative content was high. After drying and freezing, the amount of volatile components in Z. mioga flower bud decreased significantly. The relative content of olefins in fresh and frozen samples was higher, and the relative content of olefins and alcohols after drying was higher. After drying and freezing treatment, 25 volatile components were retained, and new volatile components appeared, giving the dried and frozen Z. mioga flower bud a unique flavor.Conclusion:Fresh, dried and frozen Z. mioga flower bud contains more physiologically active components. Compared with freezing treatment, drying treatment has a greater impact on the relative content and composition of volatile components in Z. mioga flower bud. In actual production, appropriate treatment conditions are selected according to the application purpose.

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