Objective:This study aimed to improve the production technology and flavor of Chinese beef sauce.Methods:Compared with traditional static curing, the effects of breathing rolling curing on volatile components of beef were analyzed by SPME/GC-MS.Results:The main aroma components of the beef in breathing rolling and curing process were the same as those in traditional static state, which were mainly aldehydes, hydrocarbons, alcohols, esters and ketones, among which the representative substances were benzaldehyde, anisene, cineol, eugenol acetate and 2-butanone. There were some differences in the types and relative contents of volatile substances, among which the number of hydrocarbons was significantly higher than that of other substances. There were 23 kinds of hydrocarbons in the traditional static pickled beef, and only 11 kinds of hydrocarbons in the breathing rolling pickled beef were significantly lower than that in the control group. The relative content of aldehydes, as the main flavor source of the sauce beef, was significantly higher than that of other substances, which were 37.48% and 34.28% in the two curing Methods, respectively. The alcohols in soy beef mainly come from spicy seasoning. The ester compounds in beef were increased and their relative contents were also increased with the breathing rolling and kneading curing. The results of GC-MS analysis showed that there was significant difference between the aroma characteristics of the beef processed by breathing rolling curing and traditional static curing.Conclusion:SPME/GC-MS can be used to analyze and compare volatile substances in beef with different curing Methods.

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