Objective:In order to better plan the motion trajectory of the food sorting robot, reduce its vibration amplitude, and enable the food sorting robot to complete the task with high precision.Methods:Based on the delta parallel robot, combined with NURBS curve interpolation algorithm and improved genetic algorithm, a path planning method of food sorting robot aiming at the optimal motion time was proposed. The NURBS curve was optimized by improved genetic algorithm. The feasibility of the optimization method was verified by the comparative analysis before and after optimization through simulation.Results:Compared with before optimization, the proposed optimization method can reduce the motion time of food sorting robot to a certain extent, from 3 230 ms before optimization to 3 070 ms after optimization. The robot curve in joint space was also smoother, which can give full play to the performance of parallel robot.Conclusion:The trajectory planning method can effectively improve the sorting stability and efficiency of food sorting robot.

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