Objective:To understand the effects of changing the arrangement and position on the freezing characteristics of potato mash and the energy consumption of refrigeration equipment.Methods:Gambit was used to complete the establishment of the three-dimensional numerical model for the air blast freezing of mashed potato. At the same time, fluent 6.3 was used for unsteady state simulation, and Pr.c-15 pronton high-efficiency fresh-keeping refrigerator was used for the freezing test of mashed potato. In the test, the mashed potato was arranged in a row and fork row, and on this basis, the position of mashed potato was changed (rotated 180° clockwise) to validate the numerical model.Results:The numerical model is consistent with the actual situation. The relative error of freezing time is only 2.7%. Compared with the sequential arrangement, the cross arrangement had obvious advantages, the freezing time was shortened by 8.5% at most, the energy consumption was reduced by 4.5%, and the temperature variation coefficient and the non-uniformity of freezing time were also obvious; When the potato mash was arranged in a fork row, change the position at t=60 min and t=120 min, respectively. Compared with the same position, the change of position can further shorten the freezing time and reduce the energy consumption of the equipment on the premise of ensuring the quality of frozen products. Compared with no optimization measures (arranged in a row and the position remains the same), the energy consumption of the equipment can be reduced by 11.8% by adopting the measures of fork row and secondary position change.Conclusion:Changing its arrangement and position in the process of blowing freezing of potato puree will affect the flow field distribution around the potato puree, strengthen the heat transfer effect in the freezing process, and then affect the freezing characteristics of potato puree, such as shortening the freezing time, reducing the temperature variation coefficient and the non-uniformity of freezing time, The energy consumption of refrigeration equipment can be effectively reduced without affecting the quality of frozen products. Therefore, the above measures can be considered for optimization in actual production.

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