Objective:This study aimed to compare and analyze the physical and chemical properties, texture changes and lipid oxidation of sauced beef by irradiation sterilization and high-temperature kettle sterilization.Methods:The irradiation dose was 2, 4, 6, 8 kGy, and the sterilization was performed at 121 ℃for 20 minutes in high temperature kettle.Results:The results showed that irradiation with a dose of 6 or 8 kGy had the same sterilizing effect as high temperature kettle, and could prolong the shelf life of beef. With the increase of irradiation dose,L*(brightness value) of soy sauce beef showed a downward trend as a whole, and theL*value of the sample in the irradiation group was higher than that in the sauced beef without sterilization, with thea*value increasing first and then gradually decreased. When the irradiation dose was < 6 kGy, theb*value of the sample increased gradually with the increase of the irradiation dose, but when the irradiation dose was > 6 kGy, theb*value of the sample decreased again. Moreover, the b*value of soy sauce beef in irradiation group was significantly higher than that in control group (P<0.05); The hardness and elasticity maintenance of the irradiation group was better than that of high temperature kettle sterilization. The peroxide value and acid value of irradiated beef increased significantly with the increase of irradiation dose (P<0.05), and high temperature autoclair sterilization had no significant effect on peroxide value of beef sauce. The acid value of irradiation dose of 8 kGy group and high temperature kettle sterilization group were significantly higher than that of other groups (P<0.05), and the irradiation increased the initial malondialdehyde value of samples.Conclusion:Compared with the control group, the shelf life of soy beef in the 6 kGy irradiation group was longer and the irradiation treatment was more easily accepted by consumers.

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