Objective:The effects of reheating methods on the quality of frozen cooked river crab were studied to provide a basis for the selection of reheating methods for frozen cooked crab. Methods:The crabs reheated with microwave and steaming without and with thawing were studied using reheating time, texture, flavor nucleotide, free amino acids and volatile flavor compounds. Results:The times of crabs reheated with steaming without thawing, steaming after thawing, microwave without thawing, and microwave after thawing to the center temperature of 75 ℃ were 720, 552, 173, 106 s, respectively. Compared with unthawed crabs, the reheated crab meat had lower reheating loss, hardness and chewiness. Compared with steaming, the crabs reheated by microwave had higher hardness, chewiness and higher contents of nucleotides and free amino acids. Compared with the thawed crabs, the unthawed reheated crabs had more volatile flavor compounds. Compared with steaming, the crabs reheated by microwave had more volatile flavor compounds. Thawed crabs had more taste compounds while unthawing could formatted more flavor compounds. Microwave could maintain taste compounds and formatted more flavor compounds. Conclusion:Reheating methods had no significant influence on texture of crabs. The crabs reheated with microwave had better flavor quality. The quality of crabs reheated with microwave after thawing was better.

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