Objective:The study aimed to analyze the influence of malolactic fermentation on the aroma and deacidification of Rosa roxburghii Tratt wine.Methods:The organic acid content and volatile compounds were qualitatively and quantitatively detected by ion chromatography, HS-SPME/GC-MS and sensory evaluation.Results:The results showed that the malic acid content decreased by 85.83% during malolactic fermentation, with the lactic acid content increasing by 87.75%, 114 kinds of volatile compounds were detected during malolactic fermentation, including 48 kinds of esters (12 011.60 μg/L), 26 alcohols (1 409.50 μg/L), 13 acids (2 490.60 μg/L) and 10 alkane (749.70 μg/L), which were increased by 10.81%, 15.49%, 58.23% and 22.90% respectively, compared to those before malolactic fermentation. The sensory analysis results indicated the malolactic fermentation could increase caramel and floral flavor, decrease plant odor and the acidity, and improve the overall scorement of R. roxburghii Tratt wine.Conclusion:Malolactic fermentation can enrich the aroma of R. roxburghii Tratt wine, reduce acidity and improve the balance of taste.

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