Objective:In order to improve the quality of Agaricus bisporus bread, the appropriate additives were studied.Methods:In this study, vital wheat gluten, sucrose fatty acid ester and cellulase were used as additives to improve A. bisporus-wheat bread quality, and the study was optimized by using Box-Behnken experimental design.Results:By adding 3.35% of vital wheat gluten, 0.15% of sucrose fatty acid ester and 0.16% of cellulase, the comprehensive score of A. bisporus-wheat bread under optimal conditions can be improved. In addition, scanning electron microscopy detection results showed that the optimal A. bisporus-wheat bread could form a uniform and continuous network structure in the gluten matrix.Conclusion:The addition of vital wheat gluten, sucrose fatty acid ester and cellulase had significant effect on the comprehensive score of A. bisporus-wheat bread. The hardness decreased, specific volume and sensory score of the bread increased after optimization.

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