Objective:This study aimed to provide a theoretical support for enhancing the quality of Hunan flavor marinated beef and improve the marinated process.Methods:The laws of beef quality and flavor change during pulse marinated, vacuum marinated micro pressure marinated and traditional marinated were investigated.Results:The NaCl content and percentage loss from cooked increased gradually in each marinated process beef with increased marinated time. The chromatic difference L* value decreased gradually, and the chewiness, hardness, elasticity increased first and then decreased. The sensory evaluation found the highest score and the time required to reach the highest score of pulse marination, vacuum marination, micro pressure marination and traditional marination were 89.6, 85.2, 86.1, 83.6, and 2.7 h, 3.0 h, 3.0 h, 4.0 h, respectively, Pulse marination had the highest sensory evaluation and the shortest time was required to reach the highest score. At the highest sensory score, the loss ratio of cooked was 23.18% in pulse marinated beef, which was lower than that of micro pressure marinated and traditional marinated (P<0.05), and the chewability, hardness and elasticity were 5.15 N, 11.21 N and 0.782 mm, respectively,and these was superior to those of the other three marinated beef (P<0.05), Muscle fiber bundles of pulse marinated beef were the least disruption in muscle tissue and the greatest gap between muscle fibers. The relative content of characteristic aroma compounds included Hunan flavor such as lauraldehyde, ethyl laurate and eugenol was highest at 12.3% in pulse marinated beef.Conclusion:Pulse marination is most suitable for Hunan flavor marinated production and can effectively improve the yield and food quality.

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