Objective:The powder of purple yam was used as raw materials to replace part of wheat flour and then was applied to the production of steamed bread. The effects of purple yam flour on the quality and antioxidant activity of steamed bread were studied.Methods:The effect of different amount of purple yam powder on the texture and quality of steamed bread were investigated by measuring the specific volume, diameter-to-height ratio, color difference, texture, aging degree, moisture content, nutrient content and sensory evaluation. Moreover, the antioxidant capacity of steamed bread with purple yam powder was studied by measuring DPPH radical scavenging capacity.Results:The specific volume, diameter-to-height ratio and fat of steamed bread decrease, the color difference and protein increase, and the moisture content increased first and then decreased with the increasing amount of purple yam powder. Meanwhile, the addition of purple yam powder could help to delay the aging degree of steamed bread. On the other hand, the ability of DPPH radical scavenging rate for steamed bread showed an upward trend with the increase amount of purple yam powder.Conclusion:The addition of purple yam powder could improve the quality and the antioxidant activity of steamed bread. The research results could provide a scientific reference for improving the comprehensive utilization of purple yam powder and developing new functional steamed bread.

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