Objective:This study aimed to investigate the effects of extruded mung bean powder, mushroom powder and egg powder on the quality characteristics of noodles and develop a nutritious vermicelli enriched with dietary fiber, polysaccharide and protein.Methods:The texture characteristics and sensory evaluation of extruded mung bean powder, mushroom powder and egg powder vermicelli were determined. Combined with the results of single factor, the optimal formula of vermicelli was optimized by orthogonal test.Results:The optimized formula parameters of nutritional vermicelli were as follows: extruded mung bean powder 4.00%, mushroom powder 1.20%, egg powder 2.00%; Under the control of these conditions, the optimum cooking time of vermicelli was (12.49±0.24) min, the water absorption was (204.72±3.09)%, the cooked strip breaking rate was (2.22%±3.85)%, and the cooking loss rate was (1.12±0.03)%.Conclusion:The vermicelli obtained under the optimized formula is smooth and neat, light brown green, and soft and smooth in taste, and also has a special flavor of mung bean and mushroom, with effectively increasing the content of multiple nutrients in the noodles.

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