Objective:Zhangjiakou naked oats in Hebei province (HZ) and Qiqihar naked oats in Heilongjiang province (HQ) were selected as the research objects. The metabolites and differential metabolites of naked oats of the same variety in different regions were explored.Methods:Metabolomics research methods were used as the basis. Methanol was used to extract polar metabolic components, with Bis(trimethylsilyl)trifluoroacetamide (BSTFA) selected for derivatization, and the metabolites were determined through GC-MS technology and the NIST database.Results:A total of 56 kinds of metabolites were detected, including various carbohydrates and a small amount of secondary metabolites, in which HZ accounted for 38 kinds and HQ accounted for 45 kinds.Conclusion:The oat metabolites and their contents in the two regions were basically the same, which were common compounds. However, the concentrations of common compounds such as linoleic acid, elaidic acid, and palmitic acid were different, and metabolites such as D-gluconic acid and galactopyranose were specific.

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