Objective:This study aimed to enrich the source of natural antioxidants and antibacterial agents and explore the development potential of the biological activity of Aceraceae. Methods:The nutrition components ofAcer tegmentosum Maxim (AT) bark and the total phenols content and total flavonoid content of ethanol extract (ATEE) and water extract (ATWE) were measured, and the contents of salidroside and tyrosol were determined by HPLC. DPPH radical, ABTS cationic radical, hydroxyl radical scavenging ability and ferric reducing power of extracts were determined. The antibacterial activity was evaluated by measuring the minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) againstStreptococcus mutans,Staphylococcus aureus andEscherichia coli. Results:The content of water, crude fat, crude ash, crude protein, carbohydrate and total dietary fiber of AT was 7.12%, 4.67%, 5.83%, 3.96%, 78.42% and 66.08%, respectively. The order of the contents of the four major elements was Ca>K>Mg>Na, and the order of the contents of the six trace elements was Mn>Fe>Zn>Al>Cu>Cr. The contents of TPC, TFC, salidroside and tyrosol of ATEE were higher than ATWE, and the contents were 315.66, 79.26, 183.26 and 26.89 mg/g, respectively. ATEE's DPPH radical, ABTS cationic radical, hydroxyl radical scavenging ability and ferric reducing power were higher than that of ATWE with not much different from VC and generally higher than BHA. The MICs againstS. aureus andE. coli were 128 and 16 μg/mL, respectively, but had no antibacterial activity againstS. mutans.Conclusion:The extracts of AT have good antioxidant and antibacterial activities.

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