Objective:This study aimed to explore the best parameters of buckwheat noodle composite preformed powder.Methods:Single factor experiment, multi-index comprehensiveevaluation method and orthogonal experiment were used to optimize the special composite preformed powder recipe of buckwheat noodles.Results:The best parameters of buckwheat noodle composite preformed powder were 45% of buckwheat flour, 8% of modified starch, 1.2% of compound phosphate and 3% of gluten powder. In this situation, the tensile area of composite flour dough was 3 378.6 g·mm; the stabilization time was 7.23 min, the content of wet gluten was 23.71%; the sensory score was89.2; the comprehensive score of multiple indexes was 0.926 5.Compared to the groups of single factor test and orthogonal test, the quality of composite powder in each test group was significantly improved (P<0.05), and its application in non-fried instant noodles had a good effect. Conclusion:The optimized composite powder can be used as the raw powder of various kinds of noodles, such as buckwheat coarse grain noodles, semi-dry noodles and new-type non-fried coarse cake.

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