Objective: In order to develop composite edible film with excellent performance, the effects of different types of polysaccharides on collagen edible film's properties were evaluated with collagen from loach skin being the basic raw material. Methods: Pectin (acidic polysaccharose), pullulan (neutral polysaccharide) as well as chitosan (alkaline polysaccharide) were used to compose the film with collagen, respectively. The composite film's properties including basic properties, mechanical properties and barrier properties were measured and analyzed. Results: Pullulan had less effect on the thickness, water content and opacity of collagen edible film compared with pectin. Three kinds of polysaccharides could all reduce the water solubility and increase the swelling rate of collagen edible film to different degrees. In terms of mechanical properties, chitosan and little pullulan could improve the comprehensive mechanical properties of collagen edible film, while pectin increased the elongation at break but greatly reduced tensile strength of collagen edible film. In terms of barrier property, proper amount of chitosan could improve the water-resistance and oil-resistance performance of collagen edible film, while pectin and pullulan could only improve its oil-resistance performance. Conclusion: Compared with pullulan and chitosan, the effect of pectin on film's mechanical properties and barrier properties is different or even opposite.

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