Objective: Preparation of Portulaca oleracea compound rice with antioxidant properties. Methods: Broken rice flour is the main raw material and Portulaca oleracea L. was the auxiliary material. On the basis of single factor experiment, response surface experiment was designed with comprehensive score, and the technological parameters of screw speed, barrel temperature, purslane addition and feed moisture, and the antioxidant characteristics of compound rice were detected by the clearance of DPPH and ABTS. Results: The results showed that the optimal formula for preparing purslane compound rice was the follow: The screw speed was 140 r/min, barrel temperature was 120 ℃, purslane addition was 15.5%, and the feed moisture was 27%. Under the optimal conditions, compound rice has a comprehensive score of 86.13. The DPPH and ABTS clearance rates of purslane compound rice were 92.37% and 85.15%, respectively, which were significantly higher than those of commercial rice. Conclusion: Purslane compound rice has good antioxidant properties.

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