Objective:In order to preserve more volatile components of celery and reduce its moisture content. Methods:A hot-air coupled microwave drying system based on aroma detection was designed. An electronic nose (PEN3) was applied to detect volatile components, assisted with GC-MS to measure the specific content of volatile components. Based on constant temperature drying (50, 60, 70 and 80 ℃), sensor 7 and 9 were chosen for subsequent combined control. Results:Comparing with constant temperature drying, the combined control drying using volatile compounds detection could retain more volatile substances, and a good balance had been achieved between the quality of the dried product and the drying rate. The drying time of combined control was 67 min, closing to constant temperature drying at 70 ℃ (63 min). Meanwhile, optima color difference (16.313±1.745) and sensory evaluation (28.9) were obtained under combined control drying. Conclusion:Microwave coupled hot-air drying control of celery stalks based on volatile compounds detection could be applied to produce high-flavor celery stalks.

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