Objective:The objective of this study isto investigatethe protein and frying characteristics of grass carp, silver carp and pangasius fish surimi. Methods:The frying characteristics of surimi were characterized by measuring porosity, hardness, and water absorption rate, and the dynamic rheological properties, foam stability and SDS-PAGE of surimi were measured to explore its influencing mechanism. Results:Compared with grass carp fish balls and silver carp fish balls, pangasius fish balls had loose tissue, large pores, highest porosity, lowest hardness, and highest water absorption rate. In addition, the gel strength of pasteurized fish surimi was much higher than that of silver carp and grass carp surimi. The foam stability of grass carp, silver carp and pasteurized fish surimi was 63.0%, 27.7% and 82.0%, respectively. SDS-PAGE analysis showed that the protein composition of pangasius surimi has a higher content of actin and myosin. Conclusion:Thepangasius surimi contains high content of actin and myosin, which is one of the key factors to improve the gel strength and foam stability of surimi, eventually affecting the fried characteristics of surimi.

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