Objective: A rapid method for determination of bongkrekic acid in Auricularia auricular was developed using QuEChERS in combination with UHPLC-MS/MS. Methods: In this study, Several important experimental parameters, including type of extraction solvent, extraction time, adsorbent type and adsorbent dosage were effectively optimized using spiked samples. The sample were shaken with methanol containing 1% ammonia water, and then carried out by the C18 adsorbent purification.Results: The bongkrekic acid was determined within 4 minutes by negative ion multiple reaction monitoring mode analysis and external standard method. The linear range was 0.05~10.00 ng/mL (r>0.998 3). The limit of detection (LOD) was 2 μg/kg, respectively. The average recovery rate at different levels(low, medium and high) the intra-batch (n=6) was 74.4%~91.6%, the inter-batch (n=3) were 74.9%~89.4% with a RSD ranging from 3.3%~9.2%.Conclusion: The developed method shows simple, rapid, excellent recovery and stable repeatability, and the limit of detection lower than the existing detection standards. It is suitable for the effective detection of bongkrekic acid in Auricularia auricular samples.

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