Objective:This study aimed to solve the problems of time consuming and high cost in the natural aging process. Methods: Black rice wine was treated with different microwave power, time and temperature. The contents of main phenols, organic acids, and esters in black rice wine treated by microwave technology were analyzed. Results: Microwave treatment could increase the contents of total esters, protocatechuic acid, gallic acid, syringic acid, acetic acid, ethyl valerate and ethyl acetate, reduce the contents of total phenols, total acids, caffeic acid, citric acid, tartaric acid, lactic acid and ethyl lactate, and have little effect on the contents of oxalic acid and malic acid. Conclusion: Three kinds of black rice wine with similar substance change trend to the natural aging can be produced in a short time, by using microwave treatment at 100 W, 40 ℃, for 3 min or 6 min.

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