Objective: To explore the effect of air frying pan treatment on the quality of arrowhead starch. Methods:Taking arrowhead starch as the research object, the effects of thermal cycle mode of air fryer (treated at 160 ℃ for 10 min) on the physical and chemical properties of arrowhead starch with different mesh numbers were investigated. Results: The properties of starch changed after treatment in air fryer, and the properties of starch with different particle sizes were also different after treatment. Under the treatment of air fryer, the viscosity of arrowhead starch with different mesh numbers was significantly different from that of the original starch, the light transmittance increased significantly and the transparency increased differently, and the transparency of starch decreased with the increase of mesh number; At the same time, the gelatinization properties such as freeze-thaw stability also decreased significantly, and the solubility and swelling degree increased. The modified Sagittaria starch particles have broken appearance, shrinkage, increased shape change, and obvious change of characteristic diffraction peak. Conclusion: The air fryer treatment destroyed the particle shape of arrowhead starch to a certain extent, changed the properties of starch itself, which was simpler than other modification methods.

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