Objective: To study the effect of superfine adzuki bean flouron the physicochemical properties of flour and quality of fresh and wet noodles, and explore the appropriate amount of superfine adzuki bean flour added in fresh wet noodles. Methods: The farinograph, extensograph, wet gluten meter, falling number meter and flour whiteness meter were used to determine the influence of superfine adzuki bean flour on the physical and chemical indexes of flour, and the texture analyzer was used to determine the texture parameters of fresh wet noodles. Sensory method was used to evaluate the effects of superfine adzuki bean flour and coarse adzuki bean flour on sensory quality indexes of fresh wet noodles, and physical and chemical analysis methods were used to determine the cooking quality and nutritional components of noodles. Results: From the comprehensive consideration of the effects of ultrafine adzuki bean powder on the physical and chemical indexes of flour, texture, sensory quality and nutritional value of fresh wet noodles, the suitable range of superfine adzuki bean flour added was 8%~12%. When the addition amount of superfine adzuki bean flour was 12%, the protein content in the noodles increased by 10.1%, and the dietary fiber content increased by 31.8%, the quality of noodles added superfine adzuki bean flour is 13.9% higher than added coarse adzuki bean flour. Conclusion: The superfine adzuki bean flour reduces the negative impact on the quality of flour and fresh wet noodles, increases the added amount of adzuki bean flour, and improves the nutritional value of wheat flour noodles.

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