Objective: This study aimed to solve the poor viscosity of red jujube and aloe low-sugar jam. Methods: Using CMC-Na and AGAR as thickeners, the effects of compound thickeners on texture properties and sensory quality of red jujube and aloe low-sugar jam under different storage time were investigated. The technological parameters of jam were optimized by orthogonal test and rheological test. Results: When the ratio of CMC-Na and AGAR in the compound thickener was 7∶3, no significant difference in hardness and viscosity were found between fresh jam and preserved 90 d jam, and the jam was delicate and uniform, with slow tissue flow, no juice precipitation and no hardening. The jam optimal processing parameters were as follows: the volume ratio of red jujube pulp to aloe pulp was 5∶5, andthe content of sugar and compound thickener was 18% and 0.4%, respectively. The developed jam was pseudoplastic fluid, which was excellent in taste and flavor, with a sensory score of 90. By physical and chemical testing, the water retention performance reached (51.31±1.23)%, and the soluble solid content was (25.2±0.82)%. Conclusion: The compound thickener (mCMC-Na∶mAGAR=7∶3) can significantly improve the poor viscosity and easy water precipitation of the red jujube and aloe low-sugar jam. The jam was good quality.

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