Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the quality of different non-waxy proso millet varieties. Methods: 21 non-waxy proso millet varieties were selected as experimental materials, and their nutritional composition, pasting characteristics, cooking characteristics and texture characteristics were measured. The quality difference and index correlations between different non-waxy proso millet varieties were analyzed and compared. Principal component analysis was used to evaluate their quality. Results: The texture characteristics, crude fat content, setback, breakdown and final viscosity had great differences among the tested varieties, and the variation coefficient of pasting temperature and starch content was small, which were relatively stable indexes. The results of principal component analysis showed that the first three principal components reflected 72.04% of the information of the original variable. The final viscosity, setback, hardness and gumminess were selected as the key indexes. The comprehensive quality of non-waxy proso millet varieties was evaluated according to the comprehensive score. Conclusion: Longmi 10, Neimi 9, Longmi 8, Yumi 3 and Ningmi 13 had the best comprehensive quality. The final viscosity, setback, hardness and gumminess could be used as representative indexes of quality of non-waxy proso millet to guide the selection of proso millet varieties.

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